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Favorite Philippine Recipes Adjusted to American, Asian, Canadian and European Environs



A new cookbook of unusual value and content, written for the many Filipinos and their families and friends in America, Asia, Canada, Europe and other countries!

This book may be the finest that one could wish for.  It is the needed Philippine Cookbook and an inherent must.

A Filipino who leaves the Philippines to go to other countries for study, permanent residence or for a visit, will long for his homeland's dishes, aggravated by his inexperience at cooking.  It is with this situation in mind that this book is written.  May this book be of help to the beginners, thus making them feel less homesick and to the "expert" ones, may it serve as a good reference for everyday menu planning and preparation.

The recipes compiled have been kitchen-tested and adjusted to availability, practicality and acceptance to American environs.  Substitutions may be made to certain food ingredients, and variations in measurements and seasoning may be made to suit the individual's taste and preference.  Flexibility makes cooking more fun.  Experience is the best teacher.  Try and try again is a good motto to have.

To all those who want adventure in their taste for foreign dishes, this book offers an exciting one.  Philippine cooking is an exotic blending of Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Malayan and American cultural influences.

...And remember to keep in mind that "The recipe that is shared with others will be enjoyed by future generations, but those recipes kept in secret will die and be forgotten."  So, share with LOVE!

The cover shows the beautiful colorful map of the Philippines.  The books are plastic bound so they lay open when in use, and the covers may be kept clean with a damp cloth.

In addition to the many favorite easy Philippine recipes adjusted to American environs, the cookbook contains a complete section of specially selected, authentic, up-to-date basic cooking information.  There are charts and information on Ways to Use Leftovers, How to Carve, Time Tables for Meat Cookery, Quantity Recipes for 100 People, Suggestions on What to Have for Dinner, A Metric Conversion Chart, Diet Controls and Proper Weights, Suggested Reducing Menus and much more.  You will have more than  your money's worth in this one book!

The cost is $24.95 a copy with free shipping.  I am anticipating a great demand on these books and it may well be that you will want to order one or more for yourself, as well as gifts and special occasions.  This book is a collector's item.  No one can have too many cookbooks.  A good gift to someone who has everything.

Thank you for letting me tell you about this new cookbook, "Philippine Cooking in America".

With my very best wishes!

Philippine Cooking in America Cookbook
by Marilyn Ranada Donato

Philippine Cooking

in America

8th Revised Edition, 2012

  • Exciting, Favorite Philippine Recipes

  • Useful Household and Cooking Tips

  • Colorful Sectional Dividers

  • Will Be Cherished and Used for Years 

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